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  • Balthus - 1908-2001 Balthazar Klossowski de Rola, French painter known for his paintings of young girls on the verge of womanhood.
  • Bellmer, Hans - 1902-1975 Member of the Surrealist group, known for his bizarre images and dolls involving young female nudes.
  • Beardsley, Aubrey - 1872- 1897. Victorian erotic illistrator that influenced the art nouveau movement.
  • Berg, Rieke - Art of love, sensual paintings, monochromes of nudes in oil.
  • Bijoujade - Nudes, paintings anddigital works by this artist from Geneva Switzerland.
  • Bomb, Irvin - Realistic erotic artworks of new York artist Irvin Bomb
  • Braginsky, Arthur - Landscape paintings, nude paintings, and figurative paintings by hungary artist Arthur Braginsky.
  • Butler, Martin - Energetic figurative drawings and paintings of nudes and portraits from Australia.
  • Chubar, Alexander - Colorful figurative mixed media works, erotic drawings and paintings.
  • Coane, Robert - Classical and contemporary works in both traditional and erotic themes.
  • Connelly, Adam - Oil paintings of nudes in a block style.
  • Cook, A, D - Realistic large-scale paintings showcasing the beauty of the female nude.
  • CJ - Contemporary paintings, drawings, nudes, portraits, digital art, photography and fine art e-cards.
  • de Chambs - Figurative Oil paintings of the nude male.
  • Destrain, Flora - Erotic drawings and watercolours.
  • Duhamel, Oliver - Portraits and nudes in pencil on paper by this New Zealand artist.
  • Dumbsky, Christine - Erotic-art paintings and bodypaintings.
  • El Hicheri, Marwen - Graphic Alibi, paintings, design and digital artwork.
  • Georgiades, Alexandria - Nudes and pinup art with a religeous theme.
  • Girotto, Walter - Paintings and drawings of nudes and other subject matter in a classical style
  • Hockney, David - (b. 1937), British painter, draughtsman, printmaker, photographer, designer and all round famous artist.
  • Holland-Hicken, Mark - Sensual realist fine art painter of beautiful women.
  • Horstmann, Hajo - Art Gallery of the Nude, every month 24 new life drawings are shown.
  • Krofton, David - Diverse selection of erotic drawings and figurative works.
  • Kushner, Nick - Drawings and photography of occult and dark erotic themes painted with blood.
  • Leach, Christopher - Biographical potpourie of writings drawings and photography of this artists surreal urban world".
  • Legac, Jehan - Erotic digital art and paintings built around the female form.
  • Marie, C - The Art of Creation by C Marie, unique fine art prints of beautiful women.
  • Moore, Kelly - Abstract expressionist figurative works.
  • Moulton, Peter - Limited edition, figurative sculpture of the female nude. Life like figures in resin and bronze.
  • Panoushek, Stephen - Stylistic erotic drawings and paintings.
  • Parentela, Claudio - Contemporary Art with a Freakish Taste.
  • Picasso, Pablo - Erotic Picasso
  • Pridgen, Bill - Erotic Art in a gestural, brush style
  • Robertson, Craig - Mixed medium fine art nudes, portraits and photography.
  • Rops, Feliciene - 1833-1898 Belgian symbolist engraver, painter who illustrated the works of Baudelaire and Barbey d'Aurevilly.
  • Russof, Eva - Erotic nude art drawings by Eva.
  • Schiele, Egon - 1905-1918 . Austrian expressionistic figurative artist.
  • Scott, John - An erotic artist with a passion of the Naked Female Body.
  • Starckmann, Georges - Poetic drawings and sculptures of an erotic nature
  • Trobaugh, John - Homoerotic Drawings and photographic installations with ken dolls
  • Vignaux, Stephanie - Painter of sensual erotic female and male nude paintings.
  • Vladislav, Terekhov - Artwork by Terekhov Vladislav, portrait and figurative painter: oil, pastel, charcoal.
  • Warhol, Andy - Dialogue on Andy Warhol's "Torsos and Sex Parts".
  • Wellington, John - Contemporary figurative artist with a bit of everything.
  • Young, Richard - Sensual and tastefully erotic original fine art in oil and pastels.
  • Zeppellina - Erotic drawings, watercolours, oil painting, mixed media, and stained glass.

  • Art of Love - Erotic art, adult games and nude photography from hundreds of artists in free galleries and articles.
  • Burning Man - The Burning Man Project.
  • Erotic Art Photo Gallery - - A free online photo gallery where erotic artists can display photos of their art. Create your own personalized online portfolio gallery to display photos of your artwork.
  • Erotic Visions - Digital erotic art probing the dark side of fantasy, alien encounters and bdsm.
  • Fine Art E-Cards - Fine art greeting ecards of paintings drawings and digital art.
  • Indecent Images - Gallery of evocative pre-Raphaelite paintings, with commentary and background by Steven William Rimmer.
  • Naughty Mindz - 3D digital fetish art.
  • Naturist Art - Passion for Naturist Lifestyle - Online Naturist Art Gallery - Our naturist lifestyle as inspiration for this nude art genre - Nude Artists Directory of the Benelux - Naakt Kunst
  • Naughty Art - Erotic artworks and movies by new York artist Irvin Bomb
  • Red Alley - Red Alley is a community full of artists who dare to express themselves freely through their amazing art.
  • Roseros Erotic Masterpieces - Fine Art Erotica by Anthony Christian.
  • SuperBeauty.Org - Enjoy the websites at SuperBeauty.Org and support their fight for female beauty. Beauty that will save the world.
  • The Dreamer - Erotic, pornographic and psychedelic art by an unknown german.
  • Vintage Cartoons Porn - Collection of tree samples of vintage cartoons, retro porn drawing, old yime sex comics and ribald illustrations from the past.

Fine Art Wares

Comunities and Associations

Museums and Galleries

Fine Art Directories
  • Directory of Paintings - Directory of painting sites includes a vast erotic art section.
  • Erotic Art Webring - Webring of erotic art and adult artists sites collectives and organizations. The internets only independent erotic art webring.

Fine Art Forums
  • Gay Art Forum - Forum for gay painters, photographers , writers including erotic works.

Fine Art E-zines and Blogs
  • Art Knowledge News - E-zine sponsored by the Art Appreciation Foundation which provides financial benefits to art related non-profit organizations, schools, and art projects.

Fine Art Promotion & Resources

Fine Art Topsites (erotic friendly)
  • Adult Art Links - Adult Art Links Top 100 - The best web-sites that offer adult art-comic content.
  • Adult Art Sites - A vote driven database of several categorized lists of online adult erotic art sites
  • A O E Erotic Art Topsite - Our erotic fine art topsite brought to you by Art of Erotica.
  • Art Erotic Topsites - Erotic Art Topsite list. Your portal for erotic art. All genres
  • Artmam - Erotic art topsite. All genres
  • Art of Erotica Fine Art Topsite - Erotic fine art topsite brought to you by Art Of Erotica.
  • Erotic Art Sites - The best and most creative erotic art and nude photography sites on the web.
  • Erotic Art Sites Top 100 - Official erotic art top 100 websites listing directory of erotic art resources and erotic art sites and information.
  • Fine Art Sites - is a thematic art directory designed to promote the exchange of traffic among similar types of online art organizations. Add your art site.
  • Passionflower Top Art - Top art list, all kinds.
  • Top Art Porn - Toplist for the best in illustrated sex art and erotic art porn from the four corners of the earth.
  • Top Erotic Art Sites - Amazing links to some of the hottest erotic art websites on the net.
  • Top Figure Drawing & Painting - Extensive figure drawing and figure painting websites (accepts some erotic sites)
  • Top100 Art Sites - General fine art topsite list.
  • Top Sex Art - Toon porn, Hentai, Flash sex games toplist.

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